online counselling



My primary focus in the work is to establish a strong working relationship with ‘you’ the client. This is not about my agenda or giving you advice but supporting you in your journey of change and self-discovery. We will be working together to look at the things that impact you, that are perhaps getting in the way of growth and holding you back, with the aim of making changes to help move forward.

Why Online

I work purely as an ONLINE Therapist which I am fully qualified in and seek to establish a strong working relationship via video, audio, instant chat or messaging, whichever feels right for you. From my working experience online therapy has many practical benefits in that it is not necessary to travel, you can remain in the comfort of your own chosen space, which can be helpful if anxiety or disability issues are present. It also allows you to source a therapist to work with outside the context of your local area which can feel for many reassuring and more manageable. You may also notice it is easier to say things online, to take greater risks or to share things that would be more difficult in person which makes it emotionally beneficial.


From my experience ONLINE Therapy works as well as face to face sessions as the connection is still very much there and the work equally beneficial. As we now live in a time of technology and social media it feels important that access to therapy can also be in this format.

How I work

How we work together depends on what you want to achieve from therapy, and this can be agreed at the start.  I work very relationally, and our work may involve looking at the past to see how it may still be impacting on you in the present with unhelpful coping strategies or unwelcome behaviours. Once these are identified it can free up space for change and that is always the focus of our work.

How to start?

I appreciate that change can take time, especially if connecting to painful and challenging parts of yourself. I therefore do not put a fixed time on our work together and that you know you have the space to explore whatever is coming up for you in a safe and trusting space. I will always continue to look at where we are in the work so that you still have a sense of control and choice.


If you feel you would like to take that next step, then I will always arrange an initial assessment appointment so that we can get a sense of one another and for me to ensure I am the right person for you. I appreciate how hard it can be to find that right person to work with so this beginning is a way for me to understand what you may be struggling with and to ensure that I am the right choice for you and that you feel comfortable in working with me. This is your Therapy, and you need to feel OK. You are welcome to message me to arrange an appointment.

Questions? Get in touch

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me