Online Supervision

My primary focus in the work is to establish a strong working relationship with ‘you’ the supervisor. We will be working together to look at the things that impact you, while working with clients.

Why Online

I am a fully qualified Online Therapist and Online Supervisor, accredited with the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society (NCPS), together with the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO). I have many years’ experience of working as an online practitioner in private practice, offering both individual and group Supervision, whether to trainee or post qualified therapists.



As a Psychodynamic Trained Therapist, I use this learning to underpin my work both as a Therapist and Supervisor.  I work very relationally, which I feel is the key element in establishing a strong therapeutic connection with both clients and supervisees. 


How I work

I consider Supervision to be a fundamental part of the learning journey and I aim to create a space in which this can occur, where you can grow, develop and use your own experiences, skills and inner resources in a place without judgement or criticism.  I see my role as guiding you in your work, challenging you when it feels appropriate and supporting you with any areas you need help with and to expand your awareness and to facilitate your work with clients.


I do not see myself as being the ‘expert’ so our work together I see as a very collaborative experience as I equally learn from the relationship with each Supervisee. My aim is help you find your own ‘internal supervisor’ which will aid you in your work. Although I will draw on my own experiences and knowledge, I would always encourage your own exploration of any issues that are being raised in your work.  



As a Supervisor I continue to train so that I can provide the best possible support and information that a Supervisee may need. It is always my aim to provide a safe and reflective space so that we can work together in the best interest of all.   

How to start?

ACTO stresses the need to use supervisors who are qualified to work online and also to have supervision in the medium you use with clients. I am trained and experienced in working both synchronously (video, audio, instant messaging) or asynchronously (email exchange).

Equally face to face therapists have found it useful to seek online supervision due to location constraints, mobility issues or the need to find specialised Supervision support not available locally.


Although I work with many presenting issues, I have a particular interest and experience in Children and Young People, Men in Therapy, together with GSRD (Gender, Sex, Relationship Diversity)



Please contact me should you have any questions or that you feel Online Supervision may be of interest to you.  

Questions? Get in touch

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me